FI Community Housing, Inc.

is Ohio’s largest and oldest Peer Oriented/Peer Operated Recovery Community Organization. We are proud to provide many services to individuals and families facing the challenges associated with a changing economy, homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and life in general. 

Our mission is to ensure on-going support to those in our community, as well as the Recovery Community as a whole. By providing caring social services to various individuals and their families, F I assist in not only meeting the existential needs of those we serve, but their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well. 

Our Recovery Housing, Social, and Supportive Services are available to ANY adult,18 years of age or older, and are not limited to those seeking freedom from substance abuse.  We simply provide a clean, quality, Supportive Environment and Support Services designed to help individuals reach their full potential in life. For more information or for an application, please contact us. “We are not simply housing…We are a program of recovery.” 

What We Believe

 We believe that substance use, abuse, and ALL forms of addiction, are a progressive fatal illness that is not only treatable, but curable!

 Chemical dependency seriously interferes with health, family functioning, job performance, and one’s sense of well being. It can be effectively treated with appropriate support, education, a relapse prevention plan, and on-going resources, including guidance, to meet individual and family needs. Abstaining from mood-altering substances is the first step in the on-going development of personal recovery.

 We believe that several treatment strategies are necessary for long-term recovery. F I’s Recovery Housing has been developed to provide temporary, less structured, housing to individuals transitioning to or from inpatient to outpatient and beyond through well-structured, supervised facilities.

 We believe in the support and encouragement of new and existing organizations expounding on the need for more inpatient beds and outpatient hours. We will remain an avenue for hope for the more than 65% of those completing these modalities without stable or temporary housing. Any adult, 18 years of age or older who identifies themselves or through assessment, a threat of relapse due to having to return to the same environment (household) in which many of the factors leading to use / abuse, may be accepted into our program.

 We believe in many pathways to recovery, and everyone has to right to choose what path they will take to recover.

​​ We believe people can and do recover from mental health and substance use disorders. 


 We believe in those we serve through our ministry.​​​​

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